James and Deanna Mawson owners of TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

James and Deanna Mawson


Tribe MVMNT started 9 years ago, with a dream of creating something special, one willing participant and a rock. We were originally called Horsepower strength and conditioning and we ran bootcamps out the back of our home. With limited equipment we trained rain, hail or shine. A dream had been started. From that one small group we multiplied and grew to a strong Tribe of hardworking and fun people.

CrossFit Wangaratta was born and we moved into our first brick & mortar building. With some new equipment, weight lifting bars, weight plates, a couple of rowers we started providing CrossFit style classes based on strength and conditioning movements. As our family of 3 young children grew, so did our family of members. We quickly outgrew our first venue within the first 12 months of opening and moved into a bigger newer building which we are still currently in. It was at this stage we were both able to quit our full time jobs and run the gym full time. 3 years ago we rebranded to Tribe MVMNT with a clean crisp modern colour scheme and brand. The name represents what we have created, a Tribe of hard working individuals all striving to create their own change in a community environment.

James Mawson coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

James Mawson

Coach / Owner

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Deanna Mawson coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

Deanna Mawson

Nutrition Coach / Owner

Mikaela Trethowan coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

Mikaela Trethowan

Facility Administrator / Coach

Ji Rhodes Taylor coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

Ji Rhodes-Taylor


Denis Nguyen coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

Denis Nguyen


coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

Zac Sewell-Dolphin


Ash Hanby coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

Ash Hanby

Nutrition Coach

Emily Porker coach at TribeMVMNT Wangaratta

Emily Porker

Operations Manager


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